CircleBridge is perfect for groups who need to

  • Track membership
  • Register members online for events
  • Accept secure online payments
  • Keep in contact with one another

Features & Benefits

For Members

  • Secure online payments via Pay Pal
  • List of upcoming events dynamically built for each family - uncluttered by events for other groups in your organization
  • See only the events that apply to your family
  • Sign up online (day or night)
  • See who from your group is (or isn't) attending
  • Automated reminders like
  • End of registration is approaching, but you are still unregistered
  • Event date is approaching for your registered event

For Event Coordinators

  • Real-time roster reporting
  • Events (like campouts, etc) can be configured to close registration when full or after a cutoff date/time
  • Blast emails to group. Target registered, unregistered, etc.
  • Accept offline payments at the door (in addition to those who paid online)
  • Events can be priced Per Person or Per Family
  • Events can be configured to charge Flat Rate or Graduated Pricing

For Organization Leaders

  • Branded with organization logo and colors
  • Real-time, customizable event reporting
  • Real-time, customizable membership reporting
  • Trend membership in groups to target recruiting
  • Membership management tools
  • Event management tools
  • Supports organizational hierarchy. Individual events can be targeted to any group or level in the hierarchy.

Low Costs

Free for Free Events
  • No matter the size of your event, if the event is free for attendees, there are no CircleBridge or PayPal charges
Small Fees for Other Events
  • PayPal Fee: 1.9% - 2.9%. Plus $0.30 per transaction.
  • CircleBridge Processing: 2% per transaction.